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CHS Week 18 Preview

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By: Phaedra Jeleniowski

With the exciting completion of the women’s and Division 1 playoffs, the ice is now cleared for the Division 2 playoffs. After the hard work, challenges and grit the teams have endured, which one will come out on top? The College Hockey South D2 Playoffs will be the spotlight of the weekend in Huntsville, Alabama.

Game of the Week: Division 2 Quarterfinal - (No. 1) Florida Atlantic University vs (No. 8) Vanderbilt University

What a thrilling match-up between the two teams, never having played each other until this weekend. Despite entering the playoffs as the No. 1 team, Florida Atlantic cannot let its guard down once Vanderbilt steps onto the ice. 


As No. 8, Vanderbilt is the underdog of the D2 playoffs. Having only won nine of its 24 games, it looks to be a long haul ahead of them as they hope to fight to the top. However, many of their games have been played against D1 teams. 


Despite being placed low in the bracket, Vanderbilt has actually defeated many of the teams attending the playoffs with impressive scores. 


FAU has dominated D2 the entire season, ruthlessly cutting the ice to snuff out any hope for the competition. With merely three losses, the Owls enter the playoffs only tasting victory. With a strong defense and an even stronger offense, FAU doesn’t intend to leave Huntsville without a triumph. 

Game of the Week Graphic - Week 18

The face-off will be Friday, Feb. 16, at 8:30 pm ET, with the goal of playing in the championship on Sunday. College Hockey South will host the tournament at Huntsville Ice Sports Center, 3185 Leeman Ferry Rd SW, Huntsville, AL 35801. Tickets for the event can be purchased at the arena.


Unable to attend the event in person? Watch all games from the weekend live on the College Hockey South YouTube channel.

Division 2 Quarterfinal: (No. 2) University of Tennessee vs. (No. 7) University of Alabama in Huntsville

Tennessee is notorious for its sports, so it is no surprise that they are placed high in the D2 conference. With a vigorous record of 14-8 and an abundance of points, they enter the playoffs with confidence and a win over Alabama-Huntsville already under their belt from early in the season. 


Tennessee may rely on intimidation; however, they are playing in the backyard of UAH, and the Chargers won’t hesitate to defend their home ground. UAH is currently even in wins and losses, but will this weekend improve or worsen their record?


Division 2 Quarterfinal:  (No. 3) University of Florida vs. (No. 6) Clemson University

In the first quarterfinal of the tournament, Florida and Clemson will set the stage for the D2 playoffs. Despite the difference in ranks, UF and Clemson are blindsided as they enter their quarterfinals without having played each other this season. 


While both are near equals with points, UF holds a stronger record over Clemson. The Gators’ competition pools have been varied compared to the Tigers’; however, both enter this competition with the intention of not leaving empty-handed. 


Division 2 Quarterfinal: (No. 4) University of Central Florida vs (No. 5) University of Tampa

With a tie and a loss to their name, Tampa has a bone to pick with Central Florida as they enter their quarterfinal game. 


The two teams are ranked in the middle of the playoff bracket, and the scales could tip in favor of either team. With a near-balanced amount of points, the face-off will be one to remember. 


Neither team has seen each other since the beginning of the season. They tied 4-4 in their first meeting, then UCF defeated UT 6-3. Will UCF be able to do it again, or will UT cut down the Knights and advance to the semifinals?


Division 3 Playoff Race

The clock is ticking for the D3 teams to prepare for their playoffs. In just one week, they’ll be battling it out on the ice, tensions high and anticipation holding the crowd on the edges of their seats. 


The top six spots have been secured by the University of Miami, Florida Southern College, Kennesaw State University, University of Alabama, University of Tennessee and Florida State University. Only two spots remain with Florida Tech, University of Florida and University of Georgia still in the hunt. 


Florida is currently sitting at No. 8 and hopes to improve its standings with competitions against North Florida on Friday and Florida Tech on Saturday. 


Florida Tech is on the ropes as they face UF this upcoming weekend. Currently the No. 7 team, the Gators could potentially chomp down on their last remaining hope to attend the playoffs. 


Georgia throws in their last effort to qualify for playoffs as they take on Kennesaw State on Saturday in their home barn. Sitting in ninth place, a win against KSU and a loss by Florida Tech is Georgia's only hopes of making the playoffs.


Division 1 Games

After competing in their playoffs the previous weekend, D1 teams will reconvene to compete once more. 


Alabama travels to South Carolina for a rematch of the third place game at the CHS D1 Playoffs. Alabama won the third place game 4-2. 

ABOUT College Hockey South: Founded in 2008, College Hockey South is a 29-school, 46 team intercollegiate hockey conference spanning seven southeastern U.S. states that competes in AAU College Hockey. College Hockey South is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

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