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January Players of the Month

By: Phaedra Jeleniowski

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College Hockey South announces January Players of the Month.

Division 1


Born in the cold of New York at Mount Sinai, Daniel Griffin with the University of Tampa is the first star of the month. 


Griffin is a defenseman for his team, and currently is tied with a teammate for 28 points, the highest on the team. From his last two games alone and with the help of a teammate, he has earned 5 assists and 2 goals, helping his team to maintain their standing of first in the league. 


“My defensive partner Will Fortescue and I worked very well together this weekend and I felt like we were able to create a lot of opportunities from the back end,” said Griffin.


The second star is Jack Gannon from the University of Georgia. Despite playing defense, he only has 10 penalty minutes throughout the season and has 22 points for his team, 10 of which were in the past month. 


The final star for Division 1 is Josh Mesaros, a right wing for the University of Georgia. Mesaros currently leads his team in points with 29.

Division 2


For the second time, Matias Weir is the first player selected as star of the month. Weir plays as a right wing for Florida Atlantic University. Throughout January, he attained 5 goals and 14 assists in 6 games. 


“For me personally I have been trying to use my speed and vision to find my linemates in open areas,” said Weir. “Keeping my game simple and trying to be consistent.” 


A teammate of Weir, David Israel is the second star of the month. Even as a defenseman, Israel helps lead the team in points, holding 43 points. Israel put up 18 points in the 6 games during January. 


Confirming FAU’s dominance in Division 2 is Caleb Owens, ranked third on his team with 41 points. Owens earned 15 points for his team in the past month, and almost achieved multiple hat tricks throughout the games.

3 Stars of the Month - Division 2

Division 3


Representing the University of Florida is Hugh Leahy, the first star of the month for Division 3. Leahy scored 6 goals and 4 assists, and hopes to continue producing more shots on the net in future games. He contributes many of his successes to his teammates and the chemistry they have built throughout the season, and looks forward to relying on that strength in the playoffs.   


“We have a lot of expectations for the playoffs this year,” said Leahy. “We have the right group of guys and coaches to make a really deep run so we’re all just excited to get after it.”


At fourth overall in Division 3 in points, Rhys Gulotta from the University of Alabama is the second star of January. He earned a hat trick during the first game of January, and continued on to earn 5 more points throughout the remainder of the month. 


The final star is Case Santa Maria. Santa Maria is a center for Georgia and has put up 5 goals and 5 assists during January. He earned a hat trick during his first game this month.

3 Stars of the Month - Division 3

Women's Division


Attending her home university, Paige Oukes of Georgia is the first star of the month for the CHS Women’s Division. 


In her second season with the Bulldogs, Oukes leads the team with 29 points. In three games played in January, she recorded nine goals, three of them giving her a hat trick in the first game against the University of South Carolina. She’s especially excited to be attending the playoffs this season. 


“It is always helpful when you can know where the puck is going instead of chasing where the puck was,” said Oukes. “It’s very exciting to make a little bit of history and being in the first CHS women’s playoffs.”


Also leading her team, and the second star of the month, is Megan Malolepszy, a center for the University of Miami. Malolepszy scored 5 goals in one game against the University of Tampa, almost achieving a double hat trick. 


The final star for January is Alyssa Nardslico from the University of South Carolina. Nardslico has earned a total of 15 points in the 3 games that USC has played, maintaining an average of 5 points per game. She recorded 8 of those points in the month of January.

3 Stars of the Month - Women's Division

ABOUT College Hockey South: Founded in 2008, College Hockey South is a 29-school, 46 team intercollegiate hockey conference spanning seven southeastern U.S. states that competes in AAU College Hockey. College Hockey South is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

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